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How To Reduce Spreading Bacteria and Infectious Disease on Floors

People and animals carry germs. Therefore, hospitals, clinics, kennels, veterinary facilities, zoos, and a full list of similar areas cope with the most comprehensive range of contaminants every day. Additionally, restaurants, grocery stores, warehouses, and other locations handle raw food and waste that threaten to turn a healthy environment into front-line news.

Floors are a risk that oftentimes goes unnoticed. Pollutants are trapped in cracks and micro-scratches, and these surfaces cannot be cleaned well enough, even with the best janitorial practices.
Good news! A certified professional applies ArmorThane’s polyurea coating seals and restores the underlying surface. This includes concrete, wood, gypsum wallboard, cement board, and geotextile material on dirt.

Experts first prepare the floor and apply cove molding where the walls attach. Polyurea is then sprayed on the floor and partway up the wall to create a seamless waterproof basin that prevents contaminants from going behind the walls. The application has low VOCs and no irritating fumes, so the area remains safe for both employees and animals.